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Nanyang Psychology Academy Psychology diploma in Singapore

Learn interdisciplinary psychology knowledge and skills with us and apply it into your life!

Psychology | Behavioural Science | Technology | Business | Nanyang Psychology Academy

Nanyang Psychology Academy is a registered commercial school in Singapore and is an accredited one-stop training academy for anything psychology, behavioural science, business, and technology for learners of all background.

Learn more about NTUC UTAP funding for our courses.

Student Support Services Available

  1. Counselling and therapy services

  2. Psychological assessment and evaluation services

  3. Career coaching and consulting services

Please contact our psychology clinic (Rogerian Psychology Centre) via WhatsApp at +65 86284685 and cite your student status with us to qualify for a 25% discount for all services.

Psychology Resources

Hear What Our Student Have to Say!

Linus Terh
Director of Communications
Diploma in Applied Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy

Grace Yeow
Head of Solutions Architect (South Asia)
Diploma in Applied Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy

Accreditation in the UK:

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