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Diploma Programmes

Nanyang Psychology Academy (NPA) offers affordable Diploma programmes that takes into consideration the financial cost, time cost, and opportunity cost of taking up an education.  NPA's Diploma programme unique proposition are the following:

  1. Affordably priced, and installment payments available.

  2. Efficient with fast completion.

  3. Applied and practical focused curriculum which focuses on applicability and skills.

  4. Taught by experienced practitioners who are still applying their craft.

Diploma Programmes at Nanyang Psychology Academy

Full-Time / Part-Time

The Diploma in Applied Sports Psychology provides learners with the foundations and introductory basis in behavioral psychology with roots in sports science, motivation, psychology, mental toughness, as well as health and fitness. This course is a scientific study of the psychological factors associated with participation and performance in sport activities. Emphasis will be placed on how psychological principles, theories, and research can be used to understand and enhance sport performance from a practical view point.

Full-Time / Part-Time

The Diploma in Applied Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy is an introductory level training for the skills required to practice counselling psychology and psychotherapy. Diploma in Applied Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy is a programme that is specially designed to fulfil the demand for knowledge and skills in counselling psychology for learners with an interest in counselling.

Full-Time / Part-Time

The Diploma in Child Psychology is an introductory level training for the scientific knowledge and skills required to apply child psychology. This Diploma in Child Psychology, has being designed to provide a comprehensive foundation upon which to build an extraordinary career in this uniquely rewarding specialism.  The skills and talents of qualified child psychologists are in constantly high-demand all over the world, leading to outstanding life-long career prospects for those with the relevant backgrounds. 

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