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Diploma in Child Psychology

Rolling intake! Intake months: January, March, May, July, September, November.

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About the course
  • The Diploma in Child Psychology is an introductory level training for the scientific knowledge and skills required to apply child psychology.

  • This Diploma in Child Psychology, has being designed to provide a comprehensive foundation upon which to build an extraordinary career in this uniquely rewarding specialism. 

  • The skills and talents of qualified child psychologists are in constantly high-demand all over the world, leading to outstanding life-long career prospects for those with the relevant backgrounds. 

  • Over the course of 5 intensive modules of child psychology diploma, candidates are taken from a base-level introduction to the concept of contemporary child psychology right through to attachment formation, childhood developmental influences and issues associated with the various stages of childhood, and the special needs education realm that are growing in needs.

  • Along with a series of crucially important theoretical concepts, course content covers language development, personality development, moral development, emotional development and social development. 

  • Successful candidates will benefit from the skills, important industry insights and confidence required to explore an extraordinary range of career opportunities, or pursue further education at a higher level. 

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Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate a sound foundation understanding of the scope and focus of the major fields in Child Psychology.

  • Demonstrate high levels of proficiency in research and specific methodology including research planning and implementation, analysis, interpretation and evaluation of research results, and the presentation and communication of research findings. 

  • Demonstrate awareness of a wide range of research methods and the ethical and social responsibilities of a psychologist.

  • Enhance the psychological wellbeing of clients by applying the professional skills in assessment, counselling, evaluation and intervention with a high degree of proficiency.

  • Earn a Diploma in Child Psychology.


All the modules here can be taken as individual stackable units and it stacks to form a complete qualification. Each module completion will be awarded a "certificate". Each modules taken separately is priced at $1400. Please email us if you wish to take the modules as stackable qualifications.

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Admissions Requirements

Academic Requirements

  1. Above the age of 16 years of age, and

  2. Obtained at least a pass (minimum of C6) at GCE O-Levels in any 2 subjects, or

  3. Nitec, Higher Nitec or other qualifications of equivalent level, or

  4. Mature candidates who are at least 30 years old with at least 8 years of working experience.


Language Requirements:

  1. At least a pass (minimum C6) at GCE O-Level English or IELTS 5.5.

Sample Certificate

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What can you do with this diploma?

A diploma in child psychology in Singapore can open up various career opportunities in the field of child development, education, and mental health. While it may not qualify you for certain specialized roles that require advanced degrees, such as clinical psychologist or child psychiatrist, it can still serve as a valuable foundation for several fulfilling careers.

The million dollar question: What can you do with this diploma?

  1. Childcare Worker or Preschool Teacher

  2. Educational Support Assistant

  3. Child and Youth Program Coordinator

  4. Parent Educator

  5. Child Welfare Worker

  6. Childcare Center Director

  7. Child Life Specialist

  8. Early Intervention Specialist

  9. Research Assistant

  10. Behavioural Technician.

How much can you make?

We're not going to make any data up. You can visit this link for a more specific salary breakdown for the above professions according to NCSS (Singapore). If you are private practicing, you name your own price but as a behavioural technician, if you are good in what you do, payment is typical $120/hr and up.

Accreditation and Membership:

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