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Business and Psychology Application Courses

Nanyang Psychology Academy provides short certificate courses for the community and professional practitioners in the various specialisation and focus area of psychology and its related disciplines.

Duration / Mode of Lecture / Enrolment Frequency / Admission Criteria

Certificate courses are typically 24 hours long and conducted over 8 weekday evenings of 3 hours each. Available over face-to-face, online, and hybrid mode. Enrolment is rolling on a weekly basis as long as there are available spots. No admissions requirement.

Cost / Certificate Awarded

Course fee: $1400 (Certificate and Specialist Certificate), $2000 (Graduate Certificate)

Funding: NTUC UTAP

Registration fee: $150

Material fee: $200

Types of certificates awarded:  Certificate, Specialist Certificate, Graduate Certificate


1.  International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine UK (IPHM UK)

2. Continuing Professional Development Certification Service UK (CPD UK)

3. International Association of Therapists UK (IAOTH UK)

Our Accreditation:

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