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Graduate Certificate in Career and Performance Assessment - NTUC UTAP Funding Eligible

The Nanyang Psychology Academy's Graduate Certificate in Applied Psychological Testing with a focus on Career and Performance is a specialized program for applications in the fields of psychology, career counselling and coaching, business, human resources or related areas. This certificate program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively assess and evaluate individuals in various career-related and performance-related contexts.; additionally, learners will also learn how to prepare and evaluate psychological evaluation reports and learn to interpret and understand the key elements of the tests results and reports. 

This course will cover instruments such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Holland's Code, RIASEC, Clifton Strengths, Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), 16 Personality Factors, 360-Degree Feedback Survey, Wonderlic Personnel Assessment, Saville Assessment  among others.

Learning Outcome

  1. Understanding Psychological Testing: Develop a solid understanding of the principles and concepts of psychological testing, including reliability, validity, standardization, and ethical considerations.

  2. Familiarity with Test Batteries: Gain knowledge of the commonly used career and performance test batteries, including their purposes, design, and administration.

  3. Test Selection and Interpretation: Learn how to select appropriate tests for specific career and performance assessment purposes

  4. Career Assessment: Understand the theories and models of career development and counseling, and apply this knowledge to help individuals make informed career choices.

  5. Personality Assessment: Evaluate an individual's personality traits and preferences using personality assessment tools, and relate these assessments to career choices and job performance.

  6. Interpersonal and Team Assessment: Assess interpersonal skills, conflict resolution styles, and teamwork abilities to enhance organizational performance and communication.

  7. Emotional Intelligence Assessment: Understand the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ) and its impact on personal and professional success.

  8. Values and Motivations Assessment: Assess individual values, motivations, and work-related preferences to align career choices with personal values and goals.



Introduction to Psychological Testing and Psychometrics


Holland's Code Assessment - RIASEC


16 Personal Factor Questionnaire


Occupational Values and Assessment (OVA)


Saville Assessment (Saville)


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


Strong Interest Inventory / Clifton Strengths


Emotional Intelligence Appraisal (EQ-i 20)


Wonderlic Personnel Test (Wonderlic)


Test Selection and Interpretation

Graduation Caps

Course Details


Course Mode and Duration

FT/PT 24 hours over 8 weekday evenings from 7 to 10pm / 3 full day training from 9am to 6pm


Class Delivery Method

Face-to-face lessons with online option available, and recording of lectures for later access


Course Fee

Course Fee $2,000 over 2 monthly instalments + $150 non-refundable registration fee + $200 material fee


Assessment Method

Class quiz, assignment, and practical assessment

Sample Certificate


What can you use these skills for?

You can use it for your career, professional, personal or entrepreneurial pursuits.

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