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Psychology Courses for Enrichment, Professional and Personal Growth

Nanyang Psychology Academy offers customisable, short workshops, enrichment courses focused on behavioural science topics to the public, organisations, and specific communities. Topics include but not limited to leadership, people management, communication, para-counselling, psychological testing, crisis management, improving sleep, mindfulness, health and nutrition, enhancing performance at work or school, building self-esteem and confidence, social skills, helping your children develop better social and communication skills, selling techniques among others.

Duration: 8 hours | Cost: $500 | Delivery Mode: Face to Face / Online | Award: Certificate of Completion



1.  International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine UK (IPHM UK)

2. Continuing Professional Development Certification Service UK (CPD UK)

3. International Association of Therapists UK (IAOTH UK)

Refer below for available workshops and enrichment courses:

Customised Short Course

Want to order a customised short course for your organisations to help meet company objectives? Drop us an email at for a discussion and a quote!

Our Accreditation:

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