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Integrative Somatic Narrative (ISN) Certification Programme

Incorporating the concept of narrative's role in personal identity formation and the distinction between cognitive and somatic narratives is crucial to understanding the Integrative Somatic Narrative (ISN) approach.

What is Integrative Somatic Narrative Therapy (ISN)?

The Integrative Somatic Narrative (ISN) Certification Program is a pioneering educational initiative designed for mental health professionals who wish to explore and contribute to the development of a novel therapeutic approach. ISN uniquely blends somatic awareness, narrative therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and trauma-informed practices into a cohesive and practice-informed modality.


This program offers an opportunity for participants to delve into the integration of body and mind within a therapeutic context, emphasizing the interplay between physical sensations and personal narratives. The ISN approach is particularly focused on understanding and addressing the complex needs of clients through a holistic lens that values the experiential knowledge and feedback of both therapists and clients.


Participants will engage in a collaborative and experiential learning environment, where they can develop skills in somatic techniques, narrative exploration, and compassionate therapy practices. The program also encourages participants to contribute their insights and experiences, fostering a community of practice that collectively shapes and refines the ISN approach.


Ideal for practitioners interested in forefronting new methods in therapy, the ISN Certification Program not only equips them with unique skills and knowledge but also invites them to be part of an ongoing journey of discovery and innovation in the field of psychotherapy. This program is particularly suited for those who are interested in contributing to qualitative research and the empirical study of new therapeutic approaches.

About the ISN Certification Course

What you will learn

ISN Theoretical Foundations:

  • Introduction to Integrative Somatic Narrative Therapy

  • Discussion on the practice-informed nature of ISN

  • Exploring key concepts of somatic and narrative integration

Developing Somatic Awareness:

  • Techniques to enhance body-mind connection

  • Experiential exercises for somatic awareness

  • Engaging in reflective practice and feedback

Narrative Skills and Therapeutic Alliance:

  • Skills in narrative exploration and client-centered communication

  • Role of therapeutic alliance with a focus on somatic narratives

  • Case studies and role-plays for skill development

Trauma-Informed Somatic Techniques:

  • Incorporating trauma-informed practices within ISN

  • Understanding somatic responses to trauma

  • Practicing somatic techniques in therapy sessions

Compassion and Autonomy in Therapy:

  • Integrating compassion-focused approaches

  • Application of Choice Theory in understanding narratives

  • Exploring autonomy and attachment in client relationships

Collaborative Learning and Feedback:

  • Hands-on practice with peer collaboration

  • Ongoing feedback and discussion sessions

  • Opportunity to contribute to the ongoing development of ISN

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